Jesus has said to us in Matthew 28:19-20 to be a people on the go. He laid out the scope of the Work of the Kingdom of God and that scope is worldwide. In Acts 1:8, Jesus teaches us that our worldwide ministry includes our local community – our Jerusalem; our nation and surrounding community – our Judea and Samaria; and beyond our border to foreign fields – the remotest parts of the earth.

As a family of faith, we understand we are on mission in every ministry God calls us to. We are on mission 365 days a year here in Fayette County. We also have the joy to serve our Lord in unique and diverse places beyond our community.

Living Faith Fellowship seeks to live out Jesus’ command to reach the ends of the earth with the gospel in a variety ways including volunteering at the local food pantry, feeding the homeless in Atlanta and partnering with believers in Belize.

Please enjoy a glance at our service to Jesus with pictures from Cross-Cultural Missions and Local Outreach projects.

Check out our events to see any upcoming opportunities to serve.