Newcomers Welcome

If you’re new to our site or our fellowship, we want to thank you for checking us out.

We also want to give you assistance with questions that you might have that are not answered elsewhere on the site.

As a body of believers we don’t look on “membership” in the traditional sense. If you want to worship with us or fellowship with us for a while, no problem. We understand that if you begin to feel at home here, you will let us know. Once you do that we will ask you to look at the covenants that we use to identify the relationship that you desire with us.

We have tried to model our leadership structure after the structure described in the New Testament. The Elder Team is composed of the pastor and appointed laymen who work and pray together seeking God’s guidance for His church in our body. The current Elder Team is composed of Pastor Chris and men who were instrumental in starting the church. We describe our structure as an Elder-served church.

If you have not “plugged into” a LIFE Group yet, that would be a great place to start and get to know a small group of folks first. We also invite you to join us in Ministry by participating in some facet of community ministry or mission effort.

We are constantly working to improve our ability to minister to our church family as well as our community and the world. We would be honored to have you join us in seeking to know God better.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions
Office Phone: 770-461-9151