LIFE Groups

Join us on Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM to be In Community with a LIFE Group. Here at Living Faith, we have several small group ministries for strengthening our walk of faith.

Small groups for us are those ministries beyond our weekly gathering as a congregation to worship the Living God. These are groups where we can interact with one another around God’s Word, strengthen our bonds of love for one another and often serve side by side as we shine as a light for Christ. We call these small groups L.I.F.E. groups, signifying that we develop our life as a body of Christ in and through these ministries. We desire for these groups to prompt healthy, growing lives in Christ.

Our goal is to promote four qualities of a disciple’s life, which bolster our Love for the Lord, our Love for one another, our homes, and our witness for a Living Savior:

1. Learn from God’s Word – LIFE groups place a high priority on the Bible in its centrality to our maturing as a believer.

2. Intercede – Prayer is one the richest spiritual disciplines we experience as children of God. Our Groups should always exist in the atmosphere of prayer.

3. Fellowship Koinonia is the New Testament word that speaks of the joy and vitality of the deep bonds of love and rewards that come from relationships in the family of faith. Our groups desire to promote that love and grow these friendships.

4. Exhort -The gift of encouraging fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to go deeper, to step out on faith, to persevere in difficulties, to exercise spiritual gifts, and to rejoice in God’s Blessings is a point of tremendous fulfillment in living as the people of God in this fallen world. Our groups discover great joy in the ministry of encouragement.

We come together in the following Sunday morning LIFE Groups: 
Toddler Children 
Preschool/Kindergarten Children
1st-3rd Grade Children 
4th-6th Grade Children
Young Men 7th – College
Young Ladies 7th – 9th grade
Young Ladies 10th – College
Studying God’s Word – Adult Class
Adults (The Book of Mark) 

Nursery is available during LIFE GROUPS for infants and children under preschool age